Video Storytelling

5 Inspiring Brand Examples

Why VIDEO works

If people follow your brand, they want more video stories from you. In fact, video testimonials continue to be the most effective online content. Let’s look at some stats to back this up:



of consumers want more video content from a brand they support. (Hubspot)


of viewers skip video ads. (


of consumers find customer video testimonials to be helpful. (Animoto)


retention rate for video content vs. 12% for text. (Insivia)

video storytelling  Examples we love


Each video subtly provides selling points through unscripted, authentic voices. They stir up emotions leaving people feeling empowered and positive about the brand. These video storytelling techniques can be applied to your online marketing.


Brand Messaging

  • Chick-fil-A’s employees will provide you with exceptional customer service.
  • Their restaurants are ideal when you’re on the go or for your next sit down family meal.
  • Chick-fil-A is a people-first business that cares for customers and employees.


Brand Messaging

  • A professional looking GoDaddy website can give your company or organization the credibility it needs.
  • GoDaddy empowers everyday people to change the world without being web developers.


Brand Messaging

  • UPS delivers friendship and kindness.
  • The company is ready to help you with unique shipping needs, like sending 650lbs. of plastic or park benches across the country.

Tom’s SHoes

Brand Messaging

  • Tom’s makes stylish and comfortable shoes people love.
  • Tom’s generosity makes the world a better place.


Note: We love the simplicity of the production. Powerful video storytelling does not have to be pricey!


Brand Messaging

  • Artifact Uprising can help you share important stories and valuable memories.
  • Their service helps people have a sense of heritage and identity.
  • Anyone young or old can easily use this affordable service.

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  4. Consider your creative budget to determine the right video production level
  5. Develop your video content
  6. Interpret analytics to help you refine and improve your video marketing

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