Agency Myth #1

"Larger Agencies Yield Faster Results"

Do you like traffic jams?

Hiring a larger agency can be like entering the expressway and being surprised with a mile long backup of traffic. Here’s why…

Multi-car Pileup

Many large agencies take on projects with little consideration of their ability to meet client deadlines. They face enormous pressure to meet high monthly payroll and operating costs. Those expenses grow exponentially for every additional employee they have. This forces larger agencies into a high volume, profit-prioritized business model instead of being client-centric. This means the needs of other clients with bigger budgets or louder horns create scheduling mayhem. That’s like a multi-car pileup ahead of you causing setbacks in your project timeline.

Roadside Assistance. Please?

When business is slow, larger agencies resort to laying off staff who might have been working on your project for months. That grinds your project momentum to a halt. Now you’re not only stuck in traffic, your check engine light is on for some reason, and you’re waiting for help to arrive. What’s worse is many larger agencies are shutting down leaving their clients stranded with no roadside assistance at all.

Expect (More) Delays

Even when a larger agency is meeting their monthly budget, every time your project is transferred back and forth between different staff members (salesperson, project manager, designer, programmer, seo specialist, social media person, etc.) it can cause delays due to competing deadlines, employee scheduling conflicts and inefficiency.

Tips For Choosing An Agency

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  1. Choose a realistic deadline for your project. Don’t expect new branding or a website in two weeks!
  2. Ask your business associates for a referral to an agency who performed excellent, on-time work.
  3. Search for an agency’s online reviews and contact their former clients for feedback.
  4. Review the agency’s website. How many layers of staff do they have? Do they show an enormous list of clients? Would your company be a good fit in their current client list based on your project budget?
  5. Contact agencies with a brief explanation of who you are, your project scope and deadline. It can be very revealing how fast they contact you back, if they contact you at all!
  6. Interview each potential agency and ask,
    • “What is the average time you need to complete a project like ours?”
    • “Can you easily meet our deadline?” (We suggest providing the agency with a deadline that is before your “drop dead” date.)
    • “Who are all the people that will be working on my project?”
  7. Request a project timeline with benchmarks.
  8. Once you begin, don’t rely on their Project Manager to keep you informed. If they miss a project status update, reach out to them.

Take an alternate route

GPS for Your Project

At Sties Design, we’re not only the owners, we’re your two primary designers. We create realistic production schedules that meet or beat deadlines. Like GPS we can map out the most efficient route for your project. It might surprise you to know that our average website build time is a month or less compared to larger agencies which take 3 – 6 months (or more).

Enjoy the Journey

The values of Sties Design are different than other agencies. We pursue high quality client relationships instead of a high quantity of accounts. Having those ongoing relationships and controlling our operating costs give us the freedom to be client-centric and the time to deliver excellent work. We don’t want you to just arrive on time, we want you to enjoy the journey!

Plenty of Roadside Assistance

We are highly experienced in every creative service we offer. We’ve shot and produced video for Ford, launched websites for churches and businesses across the country, put a number of businesses at the top of Google search rankings, etc. If your project requires a top specialist or your deadline calls for additional help, we can easily reach out to our network of creative partners and promptly put them to work.

Don’t get stuck in traffic

Contact us before you choose a large agency for your next project. You’ll be glad you did!

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