Brand Style

COnnect With CUstomers Across Expanding Media

What is A “Brand”?

A brand is the face and entire personality of your organization. It also includes peoples’ perceptions of your values and promises.

What Is “Brand Style”?

In the past, organizations simply relied upon a visual identity guide for the creation and proper use of their logo, color and typography. The strategy was to build brand awareness by repetition and consistent use of those identity elements.

These standards are still essential, but now consumers want to connect with the story behind brands through an ever widening variety of media. Organizations are realizing they need branding for media they have never used before like… Facebook or Snapchat ads, Roku or Apple TV, live presentations, movie theater commercials, apparel and much more.

A brand style guide goes further than standards with inspiration and flexible design elements to address these expanding media opportunities. For instance, a Roku channel might require a full screen background you’ve never needed for your website. Video requires animated titling and music that mirror your brand. Social media cover images, ads, email campaigns, etc. all need to express the personality of your brand yet can’t be individually demonstrated in a guide.

Example Design Elements & Applications

Define Your Brand Style

We’re Here To…

  1. Assist you with market research to discover where brand story and style can help achieve your goals
  2. Develop your brand style guide by blending your organization’s unique personality with modern trends and proven best practices
  3. Review the guide with you and test it to make sure it’s on target
  4. Use the brand style guide to create and deploy a variety of new print and digital projects
  5. Empower you to continue communicating your brand effectively across all media

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