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Hope-FIlled Truth Meant to be Shared


Have you ever faced a challenge in your business where you needed an expert to help you move forward? We have. How about in your personal life? During a radio interview about a health crisis that nearly cost me my life (Mark), the interviewer complimented, “You really picked yourself up by your bootstraps.” I knew nothing could be farther from the truth.

Trials do have a way of humbling us. We all hate admitting we might be powerless to fix a health crisis, restore a relationship, make ends meet, correct an injustice. Then our “bootstraps mode” kicks in. We surround ourselves with positivity and things to make us “happy.” We seek a replacement relationship. We rob Peter to pay Paul to get by. We attack the surface level injustice with our time, talent or money. When our efforts fall short we are forced to replace, “Here is what I’m going to do…” with the admission, “I’m completely powerless.”


Back to my story… In the midst of my crisis some unexpected questions popped into my head. “What if God is more than the Sunday school “stories” of my youth? What if He is actually real? What if He actually knows me?” Then I said a raw, genuine prayer out loud, “God if You don’t intervene, I’m not going to make it. Please help me.” Over the next few months He answered in amazing ways. It was the beginning of a life transformation that continues today.


  1. God is real and His goodness and justice are more than we can fully comprehend.
  2. If we’re honest, we can be self-focused, sinful and frequently fail to live up to His perfect standards.
  3. We all need help in our spiritual powerlessness, and God has provided it through Jesus alone, our life saver.
  4. Starting that relationship requires trusting Jesus is the only one who exchanges our hopeless condition with abundant, everlasting life.


Just like in business, we often need help and encouragement taking our next step with God. Sties Design Agency believes God directs the location, size and purpose of our business to connect us with people who want the good news of Christ. We don’t have all the answers. We need Jesus ourselves. We know He has the answers and can guide us safely home.


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