Church branding and visual identity

Churches and "Branding" While the success of the Gospel has never relied on marketing tactics, each local church has a brand. Your brand is how your members and community perceive your organization and ministry. Brand Self-Evaluation A careful brand self-evaluation will help you see how well your church is aligning with the disciple making process (Matthew 28:16-20) prayerfully re-calibrate ministries to stay on point (John 15:5) Simple Church by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger is an excellent resource in this process. Visual Identity Guide The development of a visual ... Read more

Responsive web design

What is a responsive site? Why do we need one? The use of mobile devices to access the web is growing exponentially. You've probably noticed that well designed web sites provide a positive experience regardless of the device you're using. These responsive sites are easier to navigate and read because the need for panning or re-sizing is eliminated. The layout of a responsive site adjusts intelligently on desktop, tablet and smartphone screens. It should also work well on every size in between ... Read more

WordPress web sites

What is WordPress? WordPress is a Website builder and editor with incredible capabilities. In 2003 WordPress started as blogging software, but over the years it has become the most popular web development platform out there. It powers over 60 million websites. Small local businesses to large national companies and organizations use WordPress everyday. Notable outfits like CNN, Forbes, VW, eBay, GM, UPS, and many more rely on WordPress to communicate their message. We have developed websites for over sixteen years at a number ... Read more

Designing for nonprofits

Experience For over 16 years Sties Design Agency has helped numerous nonprofits with a wide variety of identity, awareness and fundraising projects. We love assisting churches, ministries, schools and service-based organizations because the outcome is always a win-win-win situation. Common challenges Sties Design Agency recently delivered a conference session in the Indianapolis area on how to cost-effectively promote a nonprofit organization. We identified three common challenges to nonprofits: Shoestring budgets Lack of in-house staff technical know-how or marketing experience Little time for the development of promotional materials   Sound ... Read more